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Anna is one of the invisible people. A medical student, she fled her own country when the police murdered her brother and her father, and now she serves your food, cleans your table, changes your bed, and keeps the secrets of her past well hidden. Her desperation to belong leads her into working with a gang of people traffickers as their pet doctor, and the biggest decision of her life: how much is she prepared to give up to be one of us?

ONE OF US has been shortlisted for both the Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger and The Bath Novel Award, and is published by infinityplus.

One of Us cover


Shortlisted for Spinetingler magazine’s Best Short Story collection award. Eleven crime short stories first published in Alfred Hitchcock’s, Ellery Queen’s, and elsewhere by award-winning writer Iain Rowan, including the Derringer Award winning ONE STEP CLOSER. Eleven stories of what people do when there is nowhere left to go. 

An ordinary man who finds himself caught up in a bank raid gone wrong. A murder caught on security camera where the victim doesn’t exist. A man with just months to live, who is already living in hell but decides to take on the devil. A mob accountant babysitting a hired killer on a trip to the countryside, and a burglar on an easy job who finds it might not be so easy after all. A con-artist conned, and what a man will do when in the grip of an obsession more important to him than his own life. 


ICE AGE is a collection of eight short stories of the strange and the chilling.  Stories in this collection have been reprinted in Year’s Best collections and featured in anthologies nominated for the Stoker and Shirley Jackson awards. Includes the multiply-reprinted Lilies, a story which was also reprinted as the cover story of a Mexican national daily newspaper’s cultural supplement.

Stories of the dead and the living, and cities at war where it is hard to tell one from the other. Lonely roads and forest paths and wrong turnings. Very wrong turnings. The fiery martyrdom of The New Way, distant voices that call from the sea, and the ice creeping in, ever in.

“Iain quickly became a must read author for me–everything I read of Iain’s had this tragic, and sometimes, horrific beauty filling it, and was guaranteed to be something special.” – Dave Zeltserman, author of ‘Outsourced’, and Washington Post best books of year ‘Small Crimes’ and ‘Pariah’.